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A Message for the Class of 2019

It is 2 am and you are filled with the usual excessive amount of caffeine. You are contemplating for the 3rd time on how you spent this weekend out with friends or watching the same show on Netflix, trying to avoid all responsibilities. Then you tell yourself “UGHHH I am never procrastinating like this again” after turning in your assignment 30 seconds before the actual deadline. Next thing you know, it’s finals week and you find yourself procrastinating yet again. If any of you were able to think to yourself “yeah I did that once” or “yeah that was me every quarter/semester” well then let me just tell you. You definitely did college right.

In college there are no rules on how to succeed, you just need to find what works for you! Whether you are a night owl, early bird, procrastinator or a student that completes assignments ahead of time. We are all different, and that is okay. Sure, many of you probably felt like, “I had no idea what I was doing, I just did stuff.” And well look at how far that has gotten you. No one really knows what they are doing, we literally spend our whole adulthood “faking it until we make it or better yet, become it.”

When implying the phrase “faking it until you become it (TED Talk, 2012)” I am highlighting the fact that when you see someone delivering an organized and “I have my life together” attitude, in reality they may not have it. But what this individual is demonstrating is confidence from the inside out and the power of determination in wanting to succeed. You want to receive that college degree, you want to make your family proud, and you want to build a better future for yourself as well as with your loved ones. I know many of you are first-generation students and may have had different struggles that could have stopped you from pursuing your dream. Although you may have started off or at one point have felt nervous and insecure while in school surrounded by students who were not first-generation, you all kept going. You continued to grow and excel in numerous ways and had found yourself making it, even during times you may have felt discouraged. It is because of that, YOU became the amazing graduate that you are.

You have done what many others have yet to do, or have not had the opportunity to do so. According to The Hechinger Report “fewer than 22.6 percent of Latino-Americans ages 25 - 64 held a two year degree of higher in 2016.” My friends, you are beating all odds and are making history, because YOU have overcame obstacles to allow our graduation rates to rise and YOU are continuing to positively impact our Latinx community, through every single one of your success stories! You have or will walk across that stage and receive the one thing that no one can ever take away from you, your education. In addition, to having a much better understanding of who you are after becoming the empowered individual that you are through your struggles you may have had. We all work hard differently, learn differently and I am a strong believer that as long as you do what is best for you, the best way you know how to do it, without ever minimizing those around you, then you will get very far in accomplishing your goals.

Class of 2019, please do not ever forget this moment and please do not ever forget to thank the people who have supported throughout your journey. Your parents, children, guardians and siblings they all took part in being one of the reasons to your success. No one has ever fully accomplished great things alone and you are ALL the future. <3

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