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“Wow look at the figure” “Body goals” “Make sure not to lose that figure, men only like skinny girls”

These are just the three examples of the common responses I use to recieve when I was the “ideal woman.” I was recognized as a hardworking scholar, I held a numerous amount of part-time job positions, as well as leadership roles in my extracurricular duties. Although I had accomplished an impressive amount of work, the biggest recognition I ever received was on my petite hourglass shape. It sounded ideal at the time, to be recognized for having a particular body shape, I then eventually experienced it as being one of the most hurtful acknowledgments I would ever receive.

I transferred from a community college, to a 4-year research institution. I had felt motivated and ready to take on the world. Nothing could stop me, at least that is what I thought. As a first-generation latinx scholar, I had encountered a numerous amount of challenges that then affected my self-confidence as a student and overall, as an individual. My friends, I had entered my 4-year university weighing about 108 pounds. I then graduated in 2018 weighing at about 148 pounds.

This weight gain was caused by overeating due to many different stress factors, and you know what, I accepted it. I knew this change in my physical appearance was part of my success journey. Unfortunately to many others, it was seen as a reason to bring down my confidence level.

I was studying to complete two bachelor’s degree, working part-time as well as on my Senior Thesis, and completing other extracurricular duties. Nothing really had changed in my work tendencies, the only difference was the weight gain. Now, as I would come home to visit from time to time, I had many individuals rudely or bluntly bring up my weight.

“Oh… wow” “People were not kidding when they say college makes you gain weight”  “Oh my, I did not recognize you, right away” “You should lose weight or your boyfriend won’t want to marry you”

Now, if I weren’t hearing these comments, I sure saw it in many facial expressions from many acquaintances or relatives I’d reunited with. Typically people would then ask me what I had been up too, I’d keep them up to date with my workaholic tendencies, just as I did before. Unfortunately, I was not receiving the same type of treatment or recognition with my hard work, like I once was. It had seemed as if everything I had been working for did not matter much, because all they seemed to notice was my weight gain.

Of course, not everyone would react this way towards me. I still had people in my life who were understanding and did not question my weight gain, they simply supported me in whatever it was I was working on.

Although I did receive these negative encounters, and it seemed as if my physical appearance was devalued as a womxn, I never stopped striving to be the best version of myself, while trying to aspire those around me. My weight gain did not limit my strength as a hardworking individual, as a matter of fact it lead me to graduate as a double major and with honors, and it only took me 3 weeks after graduation to begin my Master’s program and career as an Educator. And well now, I can say I am a blogger.

I am orgullosa de ser mujer and I am honored to have my little lonjas play a factor in my success story. Your weight, should never limit you, in fact use it to continue to aspire you and many others around you that you are unstoppable.

With that being said my friends, that is how my hashtag was born #lonjasdesuccess , I will see you all in my next blog. <3

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  • Love you and your beautiful lonjas and remember that your familia is here for you para siempre te quiero 💜♥️

    Karina Serrato on

  • Great first blog!! Cannot wait to read the next one.

    Alma on

  • You are so aspiring Estrella! Thank you for sharing your story with the world and being a role model for young women. You are beautiful inside and out, never forget that.

    Giselle on

  • Wow! I am so moved by this article as I am able to relate to this deeply. I myself entered college weighing 110lbs & I am now 150lbs. I have had so many people tell me the exact same things that you’ve heard & worse. I am not going to lie, but it really hurts. Especially when they start devaluing you despite your hard work. I love how you have turned these experiences into something so positive. You make me feel proud of my lonjitas. As Kar mentioned above, “external beauty fades. Internal is forever.” We are all beautiful! With & without lonjas. #lonjasdesuccess 👏🏼

    Adriana on

  • Loveeee this, external beauty fades. Interal is forever ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Kar on

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