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La Jefa Who Could

The idea of chasing your dreams sounds inviting, but nothing feels greater than when you have made your dreams a reality. I dream big which is why my workaholic tendencies, that I’ve previously talked about, come so naturally. But if it wasn’t for my mother and her optimistic goals, I would not be who I am nor would I be here today.

At the age of 15 my mother had crossed the border from Mexico to the United States. Her journey was far from easy, at 40 days old she had lost her mother and her father was an alcoholic. She had many other life challenges occur during her childhood, but one of the very few things that allowed her mind to escape from her hardships, was school. She was an excellent student and did what she could to expand her knowledge. Unfortunately, she had to stop going to school  in Mexico, due to her lack of finances to fund her primary education.

After a couple of years she met my father, and they fell in love. He wanted to give her a better life and he knew it would be possible, due to his status as a US citizen.

The night of the crossing had arrived. My mom was hiding quietly in the truck that my father and his father were driving. Unfortunately, the border police caught them and took my mother to jail. The nights she was there she couldn’t eat and was constantly told by the other cellmates that no one would come for her. She was categorized as an orphan who happened to get caught in a bad situation with the wrong guy. But that was far from the case, after searching for many days, my father found the prison where she was located and paid for her bail. Even though my mother had failed to cross and as a result was sent to prison, that did not scare her away from the American Dream.

On her second attempt to cross the border, she did not go with my father. Instead she traveled alone with strangers, so that he could make it back to the US to pick her up. During this journey, she had walked many miles without much food and water, she was risking her life yet again.

Eventually she made it, she then began to learn English, to then take the US Naturalization Exam to become a citizen, study for the GED and begin working. This whole process did not happen quickly, but her perseverance and goal-oriented mindset is what drove her to chase and live her version of the American Dream.

This amazing woman, who I see as LA JEFA of our household is the reason why I dream so big. Why I strive to be a better version of myself, and why I want to help others succeed with their goals. Not only did she raise me and my 3 amazing sister’s but she has also positively impacted the lives of many children due to her career role in Education.

I chose to dedicate this blog to my mother and for all the amazing things she has done. Also, I wrote this because I want to hear from all of you, the wonderful things about your mother and/or mother figures. It is wonderful that we get to have a special day dedicated to these amazing women who have inspired us in many ways. Now let us always remember to show this appreciation as much as we can because these women deserve the world, and so much more! <3

Happy Mother’s Day to those

Who have lost children

Who lost mothers

With strained mother relationships

With strained child relationships

Who have not chosen to be mothers

Who are yearning to be mothers

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