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A Humanitarian Making a Difference, One Degree at a Time

Estrella Serrato, is a full-time Educator who travels to different cities in Southern California, to teach courses in the STEM field, for a non-profit organization. She is also, completing her Master’s degree part-time, in order to continue on to study for her Doctorate in Educational Leadership. This goal-oriented woman, strives towards empowering our Latinx community with positivity, while mentoring first-generation scholars. Estrella, has learned and experienced an imensful amount of obstacles due to her status as a first-generation Latinx woman. In the wake of all this, she chooses to use her social media platform to brand her passions and experiences in hopes to inspire others to never, give up on themselves. In addition, this coffee lover enjoys spending time with her boyfriend of 3+ years, family and pet pig named Poinky.  

Instagram: @elenagent

Email: estrellaserrato19@gmail.com

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  • Proud of you and your content. 😊

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