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The Heart Knows, Before You Do

All throughout high school I was involved in theatre. If I was not acting on stage then I would be working backstage, while assisting with our yearly can food drives and fundraisers. Little did I know that I would eventually meet the love of my life, while doing what I loved the most. 

At age 15 I was given my first musical role. I was not much of a singer, but at the time I was able to keep a tune when singing with the other actors. Now, I know what you are thinking mi novio was probably one of the actors who loved theatre as much as me. Well… my friends, that was far from the case. 

You see he was not much of an actor, in fact he was not a fan of public speaking. He was a little more serious, quiet and reserved. While I was on stage, he was working backstage and was only doing this role since it was a graduation requirement for students to take a course in the Arts field. We never spoke and had different groups of friends, but we both knew each other. 

One day, that all changed. 

Not only was he working the show I was in, he was in my theatre class. We were all graded on creating short performances that were done in front of the class. After his first skit, he had felt embarrassed, quite a few of our classmates were a bunch of jerks and had mocked his accent… 

Later that week I had sent him a message on facebook, keep in mind we had never actually talked at this point. I simply wanted to start a conversation to see how he was doing after the whole bullying incident. That was when he admitted “he felt embarrassed” and I reminded him that those people were a bunch of jerks and not to worry public speaking takes practice. 

After that day, we became friends and although we never flirted or showed any form of romantic interest, I felt this feeling in my gut insisting “do not ever disconnect from this friendship.” Turns out he cared for our friendship as well and we eventually began our love story in 2015 and have had it ever since.  

As of now we have been together 4+ years and are both studying at the University level while working and staying involved on campus, and working on our side hustles. In the near future he will be enrolling into Law School while I’ll be completing my Doctorate in Educational Leadership. 

Side note: My friends, please let me know in the comments below about this blog. Although I focus primarily on educating our Latinx community on a variety of topics, let me know if you’d like me to include topics on relationship advice specifically for working college students or little storytimes like this. :) 

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